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Our Company staff won the first place of Qingzhou first welding skill contest

Company news  加入时间:2015-07-04 6:27:24  热度:138   

Recently, Qingzhou City "Shenghong Gathering together cup" the first contest of welding labor skills was held in weifang Junwei Welding Vocational Training School. Our company sent five contestants, Tingfu Sun, Fudong Zhuang, zhengjun Liu, Houan Zhao, and Jianhua to the contest. For the faith of winning honor for company and adding luster for Flora Exposition, they fought courageously with great skills practiced in the work. After a day of fierce competition, our team had achieved excellent results. Three persons, Tingfu Sun, FuDong Zhuang and Zhengjun Liu entered the top 10 list, Tingfu Sun won the champion of this contest. In the welding skills contest, our team achievement was outstanding, showing the high whole quality of our staff, laid a solid foundation for the steady improvement of product quality. Through this contest, we also see that company leaders attach importance to the improvement of staff quality all the time, take measures to speed up the training of high skilled workers constantly, and that the enthusiasm of the staff working on training technical skills is rising. We believe that our company will be on the march to the glory continuously under the joint efforts of all staff.

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